External Replication

Creating Replicas

Replicating a volume to a remote system (mirroring) can be done by calling the replicate_volume shortcut:

>>> pool = primary.pools.create()
>>> vol = primary.volumes.create(pool=pool)
>>> remote_pool = secondary.pools.create()
>>> replica = primary.replicas.replicate_volume(vol, link=link, remote_pool=remote_pool)


the above example assumes you already have a infinisdk.infinibox.link.Link object.

Replicating Consistency Groups

Creating a CG replica is also straightforward, and is done via the replicate_cons_group method:

>>> cg = primary.cons_groups.create(pool=pool)
>>> replica = primary.replicas.replicate_cons_group(cg, link=link, remote_pool=remote_pool)