System CapacityΒΆ

InfiniSDK allows inspecting the capacity parameters of the system.

system.capacities is a container for the different system capacity attributes

>>> print('System has {} total physical capacity'.format(system.capacities.get_total_physical_capacity()))
System has 2.3 PiB total physical capacity

>>> print('System has {} free physical capacity'.format(system.capacities.get_free_physical_capacity()))
System has 2.3 PiB free physical capacity

>>> print('System has {} total virtual capacity'.format(system.capacities.get_total_virtual_capacity()))
System has 2.3 PiB total virtual capacity

>>> print('System has {} free virtual capacity'.format(system.capacities.get_free_virtual_capacity()))
System has 2.3 PiB free virtual capacity