Creating Pools

Creating pools is done with system.objects.pools.create:

>>> pool = system.pools.create()

You can also specify physical and virtual capacity:

>>> pool = system.pools.create(physical_capacity=TiB, virtual_capacity=TiB)

Updating Pools

Updating fields such as name and capacities are done like any other object update operations in InfiniSDK:

>>> pool.update_name('new_name')
>>> pool.update_physical_capacity(pool.get_physical_capacity() * 2)

Deleting Pools

Deleting a pool is done using Pool.delete():

>>> pool.delete()
>>> pool.is_in_system()

Administered Pools

Use infinisdk.infinibox.pool.PoolBinder.get_administered_pools() to obtain the list of pools the current user can administer:

>>> pools = system.pools.get_administered_pools()